ABC “ais batu campur” is a commonly known joyful and fun drink throughout the decades here in Malaysia but now a new revolutionary beverage has come to town to change the old perspective.

ABC– A Boba Cha, a homegrown boba beverage brand is here to take over the nation.


Enabling young generations in becoming entrepreneurs by having the best tasting and flavorful boba inside the bubbliest of beverage as their product.

ABCis a boba milk drink that is ready on-the-go and made simple to prepare, which decreases the production time needed. Instead of tea as the base of its beverage, ABC is using fresh Magnolia pasteurized fresh milk or soda water. The secret of its uniqueness lies within the boba itself. All the flavor and the sweetness will later on provided by the boba rather than the base of its beverage. 

Embracing entrepreneurship through the era of commerce 4.0 by integrating full digitization of retail chain with the f&b industry.

Our Story


ABC boba pearls give the drink its unique taste and texture compared to other brands which relies on the base to provide the dominant flavoring. ABC’s boba currently consists of 4 different flavors which are mango, strawberry, matcha and black tea.

Behind the Logo 

The logo shows a Cup, Boba, Tea leaf and people smiling . Happiness in a cup, With a new retail experience which is user friendly and easy just by using your phone, just download the apps. do your order and pickup at the nearest A Boba Cha outlet. Simple as that...

Simple as ABC

ABCboba is made to be more chewy compared to other brands so that the flavor it holds should last for every satisfying bite. It is made of natural ingredients which consist of the actual fruit for the flavoring instead of artificial enhancer.

What Makes Us Different

Our Menu

For now, we have 4 flavors for the milk based beverage and 2 flavors for the soda based. The milk used for the milk based beverage is the F&N Magnolia Pasteurised Milk, available for Red Tea, Mango, Matcha & Strawberry while the flavors for the soda based beverage are Straberry & Mango. More flavours to come along with our expension in the future.

Milk Red Tea

Milk Mango

Milk Matcha

Milk Strawberry

Soda Mango

Soda Strawberry

ABC kiosk stays mobile with the use of mini caravan. By being attached to a moving vehicle, ABC can be operated anywhere without any worries on location possibility. This also gives unlimited opportunity for ABC to expand broader market in different area. In other words, a strategy for free marketing.



To make us more visible to the public, we added live GPS feeds to our kiosk. Our potential customers will have a better tracking of where we are located all the time.

Apart from that, we also open for partnership with any established business by having ABC sold in their premises. The business location will also be made available as our own kiosk. This will make a great convenience for both parties from the free marketing obtained by the crowd attracted using the ABC’s GPS location.

Unique Business Proposition


Operational Cost

Go Cashless

Real time engagement
with customers



ABC Apps will detect your location using real time GPS signal, it will suggest where is the nearest and the most convenient for the customer. With this method, we consume data of which  Kiosk and area that are the most strategic.  

Here are the steps...

The System

Cashless Payment

We provide real time corporate social responsibility (CSR) during every engagement with our customer. Having them coming to our booth is the best way to provide and maintain positive vibes to the brand and also to our product.   

Our ‘milk run’ concept cancels any cash handling and no cash payment is needed to be done by the branch owners to the ABC since every transaction is already made cashless via online payment.

Operation Details

Pull Concept

The 'Milk Route'

We are planning on expanding our reach throughout Malaysia with the first batch of 100 of outlets.  Targeted locations are mainly universities, malls, cafes & public places. These selected areas are filled with crowd thus providing ABC ample opportunities to spread the market. 

The 1st Hundred

Future Expansion

Expansion Location:

East and Peninsular Malaysia

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