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Who We Are

MCM eCOM Global Venture

Established in 2019, MCM eCom Global Venture combines 4 major pillars of services to facilitate brands’ operations by providing a complete toolset and enabling all business units requirements to support the entire organization.


In pursuit of Industry Revolution (IR) 4.0, we provide the one-stop solution platform for brands to execute its digital strategy with effective and accessible end-to-end ecommerce management including Consultation, Technology, Warehouse Management System & Fulfilment.





Our focus is to overcome and enable any commerce challenges relating to performance or change management in an online strategy value chain. This includes assessing the potential of an underperforming warehouse and fulfilment centre in order to smoothen the automation and digitization commerce operations.

Our 4 Essential Services Pillars

Business Concept

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Our team of ecommerce expert will help and guide you to determine the best online strategy for your business.


Commerce 4.0

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Following the IR 4.0 trend for a holistic & better connected ecommerce value chain through our innovative marketplace, Bizporter App and Bizporter Admin App.

Bizporter Admin


Warehouse Management System

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Our solution encompasses integrated marketplace, advanced warehousing & logistic system and payment gateways.


The Last Mile

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Navigate the complex and dynamic supply chain and order fulfilment to secure the product safely reach to your customers’ door step.

4 Pillars

We as a Learning Platform

While the concept of commerce enabler in Malaysia is relatively new, we are determined to educate people through our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. 


For a starter, we have trained some of the youth entrepreneurs in a few universities like UTAR students through the incubation program, UNOVATE Centre,  to gain the hands-on experience in handling this business concept and molding them earlier into becoming successful business owners in their field of interest respectively.

MCM eCOM Global Venture

Corporate Social Responsibility


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