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A new dawn for business in Malaysia, BizPorter is a leading e-commerce entrepreneurship platform that helps new entrepreneurs to kick-start their own businesses hassle-free!

Branding & Advertising Exposure

for Online & Offline Marketing

Young Entrepreneurs Program

Innovative university entrepreneurship program or the UNOVATE Centre is an incubation program in moulding university students into becoming successful business owners. UTAR is one of our proud achievements and has become our proudly presented partner ever since.

Usability & Security

Apps UI/UX

User experience is the key to convert any visitor into a potential customer. A beautification is a must in providing excellent value in what you are trying to convey or most importantly, to sell. By that, BizPorter in placing your business in a very exclusive and elegant way in terms of the look but yet friendly and welcoming for any related call-to-actions.

Security & Consultation

In order to ensure the security of any transaction that occurs, BizPorter is prepared to safeguard any cashflow process with a secure and strict payment gateway. Your digital asset won’t be left stagnant but will grow along the way. Effort to the value development will be included in this package by us walking down the business road with you providing chains of consultation.

Warehousing & Logistic

In the world of logistics everything needs to keep in motion, being idle is a big lost. Whether automatically or manually, seamless transport of goods, receiving, storage, or retrieval, is the key to successful logistics flow. BizPorter has exactly these in mind. Our logistics service are versatile and ready for different kind of product storage and handling method accordingly to your own requirement. They work at every stage of the logistics chain so that everything runs like clockwork.

Combination of BizPorter from neighbouring country;

a vision of expansion throughout South East Asia, a larger community to serve your business beyond the border of your homeland!

The Future Community

While having your business within the reach of the local community, BizPorter is taking the initiative to expand the users scope throughout South East Asia in order to broaden the community so that your business will no longer fly under domestic radar only. Having communities from each country will definitely expose your business even more and by more; your local community will be the entire South East Asia.

What We Do

BizPorter is a commerce enabler platform where merchants come onboard with ready-for-sale products without the ability to reach out to a potential market and in need of proper brand development aids for market exposure.

By registering as a member via BizPorter app download, former visitors can now shop as members and are entitled to have discounted prices set by the merchants.

Discounted prices upon registration as members

(in MYR)

Guests can directly shop merchants’ product via social medias / website / URL link as visitors with normal price set by the merchants.  Any transaction will be made by using Adyen payment gateway through BizPorter. 

Registered members are entitled to have a store to market their product within BizPorter (merchant onboarding) hence creating a market ecosystem where visiting customers can purchase merchants’ products and merchants interdependent between one another to reach full potential sales.

Our Method

To simplify, we serve our client through 2 separated apps;

BizPorter App & BizPorter Admin.

With BizPorter, we fill the gap for the entire distribution channel as well as we build most valuable system to connect the dot among all channel (omni channel).

Our Collaborators 

@ Danang Golden Bay Hotel, Vietnam

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