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Bizporter; Enabling You through Digital Branding & Retail Experience

Introducing MCM eCom cutting edge marketplace & account management platform, Bizporter App & Bizporter Admin App,  for a holistic & better connected ecommerce value chain. It works as an entry point for clients to assess their account and full services management.


The Shopping App

Bizporter Admin

The Backend App

We enable clients to grow and operate an ecommerce business in preparation of IR 4.0 and be ahead of your competitors. 


An overall automation and digitization of clients’ stores are also assisting clients to focus more on their core business capabilities and rest assured the online segment is still running as usual.

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Intuitive is the Key

An overall solution for automation & digitization of your store through our advanced and user-friendly UI/UX app.


Our internal support system ensures our clients with effective warehouse stocks optimization & hassle free order processing so they will be able to fulfill their prospect commercial transactions digitally.

Business Segments

Edge of Round Table

Business Segments by:

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Bizporter; an Omni Channel Solution

We fill the gap for the entire distribution channel as well as we build most valuable system to connect the dot among all channel (omni channel).


Ancient: Traditional good, old-fashioned bricks & mortar store.




Past: Online shopping has skyrocketed in recent years.



Present: Various, disconnected channels for customers to use independently.

Bizporter Omni Channel


Future: An integrated, seamless experience across multiple devices & touchpoints.

Immersive Experience for Clients

MCM eCom through our industry leading Bizporter app and Bizporter Admin app is adapting world class technology that will present in the future especially for clients to have full management access and transparency of their ecommerce services.


We maximise the presence of the brands online and the distribution of its inventory and reduce the complexity of managing clients’ inventory across all omni channels so you could track and optimize product inventory and pricing strategy like how brand ABC & Beachbody have done to expand their business worldwide.


With the cutting edge technology provided, we speed up the fulfilment process and ensure the maintenance of stocks are in place.

Augmented Reality (AR) Experience

In approaching IR 4.0 strategy, we are investing into the interactive experience of a real-world environment or Augmented Reality (AR) to enable the more advanced ways of production, value added creation and real-time optimization to our clients.


The game changer AR feature is able to fulfil three basic features; a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects that would  bring your customers to your brand effortlessly.


The digital transformation provided by MCM eCom will drive clients’ ecommerce operations smoothly and boost revenue significantly.

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