The Gateway:

From Traditional to the Digital Way (via Bizporter WMS)

Bizporter Warehouse Management System (WMS) differs from the common warehousing management whereby we integrate our state-of-the-art marketplace platform,  advanced warehousing & logistic system and payment gateways all in one to best facilitate our clients.


WMS & Fulfillment 

Our solution encompasses integrated marketplace, advanced warehousing & logistic system, & payment gateways.

WMS (Warehouse management system) achieves the optimal scheduling of the equipment and a seamless connection between the equipment and WMS. 

Warehouse Management ≠ Manual Open Warehouse

Modern Warehousing : Fully Integrated

Data Connection

e-Commerce platform

Social commerce

O2O business

Micro retail

Group Buying

In-app purchasing

OMS Order management systems cross-border custom inspection & declaration system

Network based stock

Platform interface

Order tracking


Permission Management

Sorting Management

Order Placement

System Configuration

Transportation Management System

Express warehouse logistics


Warehouse management

Inventory Management

Return Management

Outbound Management


Transportation  Execution

Performance Management

Rule Settings




Express Delivery

Billing Management System


"BizPorter-WMS" has the ability to independently develop new products in the industry, and has successfully obtained more than 10 computer software copyrights and utility model patent certificates; The above software and patents have been applied to actual customer service and warehouse operations to realize the transformation of research and development results;

Basic characteristics of modern warehousing services

Customized R&D Accurate Planning

Requirements for Modern Warehouse Management

Industrial internet of things (IIoT) connectivity

Provide more support for upstream and downstream operators

Provide more humanized customer services (more user friendly)

Improved artificial intelligence

Improve operation resilience (flexible)


system solutions

Warehouse planning & management

Independently developed software & hardware systems


  • Warehouse layout mainly includes storage area, picking area, packaging area, courier picking and receiving area, return area, etc;

  • Full paperless operation, post printing of documents;

  • The whole warehouse uses bar codes to manage products and cargo locations;

  • Multiple set ups to scan and weigh goods in movement;

  • Real-time visibility of inventory, accurate management of batches and expiration dates, and outbound as needed;

Customer Info

(warehouse information, product information, order characteristics, operational procedure)

Customer Analysis

(process optimization & bottleneck elimination)

Warehouse Layout Design

Warehouse layout design (network infrastructure, workflow line design, equipment & storage layout)

Quality Control

Quality equipment, strong network connection, good monitoring system design

Process Flow Design

Approach to Renovation

(upgrade) design (equipment commissioning)

Customer Branding

System Testing

Warehouse Acceptance Test


Reducing human input

Reduce errors

Applying data logic to operations

Improved efficiency

Proactively guiding the workflow with integrated systems

Adaptable to change

Modern Warehouse Upgrade Focusing On Brand Franchise

Solution Services


(More suitable for e-commerce companies)




  • Strong control

  • Cost is clear and transparent;

  • Ability to control resource deployment;

  • The need to recruit specialized personnel to set up specialized departments;

  • Invest in a large amount of up-front costs, i.e. warehouse engineering, personnel training for in-warehouse processes and operation management;

  • The need of a technical development team to meet individual brand needs;

Direct operations


(More suitable for small businesses)

  • Low initial capital investment;

  • Low effort

  • Partner can be changed

More suitable for small businesses

  • Low control over warehouse processes and flow of goods;

  • The cost is not clear, and it is impossible to choose suppliers, recycle materials, and process returns independently.

  • High communication costs make it difficult to understand the actual operation;

  • Lack of mobility to deal with change;


Dedicated Outsourced

  • Participate directly in the preliminary planning and daily operations of warehouse. Brands can independently decide on policies such as material recovery, return and exchange processing policies;

  • The cost is transparent, with client controlled business model, and can adopt the back-to-back model. HDC only charges the agreed service fee;

  • No inventory consumables hence cartons, etc. are pre-stocked and managed by HDC, and the client only needs to pay by transaction

  • HDC can comprehensively manage the operation, the client side does not need to pay additional costs, and HDC has the experience to ensure floor efficiency, human efficiency, error rate minimization, etc .;

  • Flexible adjustment schemes can deal with single volume or other changes;

  • Special advance planning, material and personnel deployment for important client promotions/events to ensure efficient completion;

  • Proprietary intellectual property software system to ensure 100% compatibility with hardware as well as proven hardware optimization solutions;

  • Own R & D team to continuously upgrade products and meet customer customization requirements;

  • HDC is responsible for the equipment in the warehouse, and the client does not need to bear extra costs;


Plan implementation

Data management

Process Optimization

Staff training

Supply Management

Replenishment management

Safety measures

Express delivery management

Brand (customer) - Specific Modern Warehouse Upgrade

Enhance Customer's Brand

Details of work steps for implementation


The time required depends on the actual situation

  • Site inspection

  • Match equipment to on customer needs

1-3 weeks

  • Drafting of implementation plans after on-site survey

  • Adjust plans based on customer feedback



Approximately 2 months for every 10,000 square meters of warehouse

  • Purchase equipment

  • Interior renovation and equipment installation 

Point 1-3 may be needed according to the actual situation

  • Weekly trial operation

  • Staff training 

  • Identify problems and optimize processes


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