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by MCM eCOM Global Venture Holding Sdn Bhd

MCM New Retail Concept Sdn Bhd is the pioneer of a technology-driven new retail model to provide beverage and other products of high quality, high affordability, and high convenience to our customers. Our mission is to be part of everyone’s everyday life, starting with a boba beverage, A Boba Cha, our core product.

Our business model is built upon our store networks. This enhances our customer experience, improves our operating efficiency, and allows us to stay connected with our customers and engage with them almost anywhere after months of expansion.

Our store network is comprised of dine in outlet, relaxing café themed kiosk, and signature outlet, which enable us to maximize convenience for our customers, improve our brand recognition, and achieve broader business coverage.

Our Distribution Focus


Bubble Tea


Product Structure

Our Business

Customer Segment

Our Business Flow


ABC Boba Cha

ABC or Ais Batu Campur is commonly known as a joyful and fun drink throughout the decades here in Malaysia.  Now we are introducing a revolutionary beverage that will change the old ABC perspective.

ABC will bare a new meaning. The 3 simple alphabets is now short for A Boba Cha, a homegrown boba drink brand that will take over this nation by its bubbly good taste. 

Operation Capabilities

Cold Room Storage

1200 pallets

Ambient Storage

5000 pallets

As Warehouse Partner


As Logistic Partner





As Official Drink

A Boba Cha product became a redemption item under the reception of Uncle Don’s. Audience for the movie “In My Heart” are granted  a complementary ABC drink voucher for each movie ticket at the 2 selected Uncle Don’s outlets (Kota Damansara & George Town) in order to redeem their complementary A Boba Cha drink. 


SWS Concept

Store-Within-Store concept or the SWS concept, we help retailers to boost up their outlet sales by driving audience in and at the same time expanding in such a speed never achieved in the SEA region. We are talking about expanding 1 store in every 1.5 day.

Although, this process will of course require the retailer to undergo a proper F&B procedure within our supervision in terms of preparation, storing and also the product used.

This will ensure the quality and the consistency of every serving of ABC Boba Cha beverage.


Kiosk Concept

This is the concept for those who are interested to invest in a different approach called licensing.

By investing a designated amount of money excluding the cost for a well-built mini caravan kiosk, a retailer shall also be included with the right kiosk startup equipment such as a freezer, a chiller, a microwave and a cup sealer machine.





Uncle Don's

Uncle Don’s is a progressive chain of restaurants & bar specializing in the development of affordable quality dining experiences with additional diversified businesses associated with the food & beverage and hospitality industry.

MCM New Retail Concept leverages on their market audience in order to expand our brand recognition and at the same time  serving great product within their outlet in order to enable them to penetrate new form of market segments. It is one of our Store-within-store (SWS) marketing concept.

Promotional visual retrieved from Uncle Don's official  Facebook page


UTAR Sg Long Campus

MCM New Retail Concept enabled UTAR Sungai Long Campus by using our kiosk concept in order to attract younger audience for better recognition of our brand among different set of community.

Apart from that, we chose UTAR to be one of the enabled locations because this is part of our CSR program in order to train young entrepreneurs by operating the kiosk.

Indoor kiosk artist impression for UTAR Sg Long Campus

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